Claims Optimization and Claims Capture

At Praxis we have a proven “hands-on” method that finds services not accounted for

The majority of hospital billing departments as well as outsourced revenue cycle services have been taught to create clean claims that are billed immediately. At Praxis we challenge that philosophy.

In its purest form, we have no issue with the practice of creating “clean claims” and billing for reimbursement as soon as possible. However, at Praxis, we’ve found that in most cases “clean claims” are not optimized for maximum reimbursement. This shortcoming is where our services excel.

Praxis Health Group has developed a proven “hands-on” method that allows us to find any service that has not been accounted for.

Our Optimization Services

  • A clean claim is not the same as an optimized claim, we help ensure that each claim is thoroughly examined and
  • Software cannot offer the intense hands-on review that our process does
  • We conduct a thorough and meticulous examination of your structured and unstructured data
  • We bring over 40 years of combined experience and up to date knowledge of healthcare back office practices to your organization
  • Our services allow your staff to focus on your patient needs and experience

Our accounts receivable audit will identify deficiencies and uncover any reimbursements not being collected for services provided. While many EHR companies claim they can do this, software alone cannot match our meticulous, hands on approach. It makes a significant difference. Our experienced staff has the expertise to find every dollar you have coming and earned!