Praxis Information Technology Management

25 Years experience in the rural healthcare space

You will have access to our healthcare IT professionals who have combined 25 years experience in the healthcare space. Our goal is to guarantee to meet or exceed the performance level of large health systems.

  • Replace hardware including network gear every 3 years
  • Full installation and management of internal network
  • Organize and manage all software licenses
  • Cloud backups to our Hosted (Controlled cooling and power) Colocation with FOUR 9’s of uptime
  • Predictive maintenance on all hardware, detecting and fixing issues behind the scenes
  • 24/7 Tech Support, including onsite visits
  • EMR analysis and maintenance of current system
  • Security and HIPAA compliance, with annual documentation.
  • Imaging Management (PAC’s)
  • Telemedicine


“After 18 months, over 90% of staff statistically agrees our hospital technology support is outstanding.”