Medicare Cost Reporting – Management

The power to run “what-if” scenarios

  • Cost Report Analysis – We run an analysis of your past years cost report to understand your hospitals costing situation.  This report allows us to get familiar with your hospital’s financial profile and Medicare rate adjustments. We can then give you better understanding on how this result occurred.
  • Current Year Analysis – We then take your current year’s financial and Medicare costing information and put together a quick snapshot of how your current year Cost Report is trending.
  • Cost Report Optimization – We allow you to overlay our analytics software on your monthly Cost Report. This gives you the power to run what-if scenarios such as embarking on new projects, taking on new services, or even hiring staff in your clinical areas; and how those choices will affect your Medicare costing ratios. For the first time, you now have the access to a management tool that has never been available on a monthly basis, ever!
  • Audit and Final Submission to Medicare – Finally, we take your official Audited financial figures and prepare your final year end cost report and submit it to Medicare.